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Reality Check truly entertaining!

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Reality Check is playing through April 12th, so there's still time to catch this collection of four short plays.  It's a bit different from anything the Evergreen Players have done before, but it's well worth the go! 

From dealing with the afterlife (in a laudromat, no less) to a love triangle that involves a visit by the goddess Aphrodite, to being forced to choose a wife and daughter over a mother, to being a couple possessed by the remote control….  The actors are convincing and oh, so entertaining!  "Four wildly different takes on our wonderful, warped world," is now it's described.

Tickets are still available for upcoming performances.  


Road closures at the dam

Written by Lisa Hamm-Greenawalt on .

Expect traffic delays and detours next month as construction begins on the connector trail at Evergreen Lake Dam, which will create an accessible path between Evergreen Lake Park and downtown Evergreen.

But the two weeks of inconvenience will be worth it!

The 200-foot trail connection, a collaborative effort between Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) and the Downtown Evergreen Economic District (DEED), will provide an alternative to the steep metal stairs on the north side of the dam, so that strollers and wheelchairs can travel that stretch of the trail around the lake.

The project was funded by a $250,000 grant from Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) and a $30,000 contribution from the Evergreen Legacy Fund (ELF), plus in-kind donations of services and material. (The Legacy Fund comes from a voluntary 1 percent donation on sales of products and services at businesses to support infrastructure.)

After GoodLand Construction completes the trail, DEED will use Legacy funds to install railings. Watch for news of a mid-May celebration when the entire project is done!

Road Closings Schedule


Meet Janee Weinberger

Written by Anne Vickstrom on .

There are two things to which Janee Weinberger is devoted: her Nebraska Huskers and eldercare. (Okay, there is one more: her new husband, Tom Meyers, photographer for CBS Denver news, whom she married this year.)

Janee grew up in Nebraska and attended Kearney State College (now, University of Nebraska at Kearney). She earned her degree in Social Work. Initially, she worked with troubled teens. Frustrated in the work, because “you had to send these kids back to their families and friends who had caused them their troubles in the first place,” she turned to eldercare and has never looked back. “I’ve been working with seniors since my second year out of college.”

She attributes much of her devotion to seniors to her grandmother, Mimi. “She was my best friend. I’d spend weekends with her.” Janee promised herself that “I will never let Mimi live in one of those ‘awful’ places.” She kept her promise; not only to herself, but also to all the seniors she has positively impacted through her years of caring devotion in quality, compassionate facilities.