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Nature Center holds annual "bash"

Written by Staff Editor on .

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The Evergreen Nature Center held its annual "bash" on Saturday, September 27th, at Hiwan Golf Club to further the effort to provide fun and inspiring educational experiences at the Nature Center and throughout the Bear Creek Watershed.

One of the highlights of the evening was the auction of the original painting of a bear by Shane Dimmick, who had allowed use of the image for promoting the event.  Other highlights included seeing Executive Director Vanessa Hayes' baby.

Tribute was paid to the late Walt Phillips, a pioneering member of Evergreen Audubon and an instigating advocate for Evergreen Nature Center.


Ballot issues confusing? LWV provides info for voters

Written by Lynne Ellison on .

Election Day is fast approaching and the Jefferson County League of Women Voters will be examining Colorado Ballot Issues as well as reviewing the new election rules at its early October meetings. The four statewide ballot measures include two constitutional amendments:

  • Amendment 67, which would add “unborn human being” to the definitions of “person” and “child” in the Colorado Criminal Code and Colorado wrongful death statutes;
  • Amendment 68, which creates a new K-12 Education Fund to receive revenues from expanded limited gaming at horse racetracks. There will also be two statutory changes to the laws on the ballot:
  • Proposition 104, requiring school boards to negotiate collective bargaining agreements in public meetings;
  • Proposition 105, requiring the labeling of genetically modified foods.

Meet Joe Bye

Written by Penny Randell on .

When Joe Bye decided to move to Colorado in 1992 it was for one purpose only: music.

A native of New York’s Long Island, he always felt like a small fish in a big pond, at least when it came to his passion. But, on the other hand, Joe grew up happy with a loving family’s support and opportunities to make good decisions regarding his future. Although his banker father and conservative, stay-at-home mom wished for him a more typical, mainstream existence, they supported their son in all his endeavors and accepted that he was a singer and musician at heart.

He studied music in college and discovered early on that, unlike his friends, he could not be a part-time performer or just a teacher. Joe wanted to be a “rock star.”

As a teen Joe and his buddies could be found jamming in the basement of his parents’ home where they were always welcomed. In due course he kicked off his entertainment career as a wedding singer/guitarist and was the recipient of enough acclaim to practically make a living at it. He says the movie “The Wedding Singer” mirrored his life, and there were just not enough engagements. Beyond that, he wanted to play the tunes he had written, and such engagements did not permit anything of the sort.