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Summerfest after 36 years

Written by Staff Editor on .

Summerfest, a two-day arts and crafts festival, is one of two major fundraising events for Center for the Arts Evergreen, helping to raise money to cover its operating costs.

While live entertainment has always been part of the event, a Pallette of Brews – a beer-tasting event – was added last year. 2014 breweries included: AC Golden Brewing Company, Avery Brewing, Odell Brewing Company, Oskar Blues, The Brew on Broadway, Eddyline Brewing, Crowhop Brewing Company, Golden City Brewery, Prost Brewing, Mission Brewery, Crabtree Brewing, Boulder Beer Company, Tommyknocker Brewery, Tivoli Brewing Company, Upslope Brewing Company, Kannah Creek Brewing Company, Aspen Brewing Company, and Trinity Brewing Company.

Joe Bye and Friends and the Kamikazi Klones performed under the tent and into the evening after the booths had shut down. Gourmet food trucks added to the ambience.


Evergreen Legacy Fund introduces its ELF

Written by Stephen Knapp on .

If you haven’t met Evergreen’s ELF, you soon will.

He’ll greet you at downtown businesses from Upper Bear to Meadow Drive, heralding good things in store. That singular sprite is designated spokes-pixie for the Evergreen Legacy Fund (ELF), which is, in turn, the remarkable community-based device by which the Greater Downtown Evergreen Economic District (Greater DEED) will soon achieve wondrous things for the town’s historic heart.

“One of our primary missions is to take on the role of what an incorporated town government would do to make downtown Evergreen safer and more enjoyable,” explains Greater DEED president Dean Dalvit. “We don’t have anybody to build more parking, sidewalks, and public bathrooms. We’re trying to rectify that.”


Meet Gail Frasier

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .

When Gail and Bill Frasier move to Loveland the end of this month, it’ll take a crane, forklift and flatbed truck – literally!

Gail’s kiln for firing pottery is something that’s become part of her life, and there’s no way she’s leaving it behind.

It wasn’t until college as a math major that she discovered a liking for and a talent in art, a skill she cultivated as a stay-at-home mom. She found herself teaching pottery for the recreation district in Thornton and learned that teaching gave her more experience and expanded her knowledge of the art. Joining arts associations provided the camaraderie, encouragement and reinforcement she was seeking as a young mother.