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Barbara Sternberg, the Grande Dame of the Evergreen arts community, dies at 92

Written by Staff Editor on .

Local author/historian and long-time Evergreen resident, Barbara Edwards Sternberg, died peacefully in her Bergen Park home on July 15, 2016, just shy of her 93rd birthday.

Barbara and her husband, architect Eugene Sternberg (who preceded her in death in 2005), were community volunteers who donated much of their lives to local causes and helped to develop several cultural and civic organizations in the Evergreen area. Barbara and Eugene Sternberg wrote a book on Evergreen’s history, Evergreen: Our Mountain Community.


Garden Tour proves we CAN have luscious gardens in the mountains

Written by Linda Kirkpatrick on .


Members of the Evergreen Garden Club can breathe again. After holding their breath to avoid hailstorms like one that caused them to cancel their bi-annual tour a few years back, gardeners and those who simply enjoy flowers were wowed once again.

Five gardens from Floyd Hill to Herzman Mesa proved that luscious gardens are possible in the mountain area. Even with xeriscaping consciousness guiding them, gardeners are able to produce a variety and abundance of plants with prolific blossoms.


Meet Chris Dunn

Written by Stephen Knapp on .

If you want to know what people most admire about Chris Dunn, just ask the people who admire him most.

“Chris is really good at helping others,” says Kim Agnew. “He’s really patient with his friends, and he’s really good at reminding me about things I’ve forgotten to do,” she laughs.

Kim is the program director of Mountain Community Pathways, a nonprofit organization that provides developmentally disabled adults with opportunities to participate in the life and service of the mountain-area community.

Chris spends several days a week at Pathways, learning a host of useful skills including how to shop for spaghetti, how to cook spaghetti, and how to get spaghetti sauce out of your favorite blue jeans. If you’re not familiar with the Pathways’ home on the ground floor of the Church of the Hills on Buffalo Park Road, rest assured that Chris will gladly help you find your way around, starting with a friendly tour of the center’s small but well-equipped game room.