Bequest to Knights of Columbus reduces debt

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When Barbara Jackson asked her fellow congregants at Christ the King Catholic Church for help when her husband died several years ago, many men belonging to the Knights of Columbus willingly stepped forward.  It was quite a job, as Earl (her husband) loved to collect junk, and much of it was out in the yard – things discarded by others but with just a little bit of life in them, too good to toss out, as far as he was concerned.  Enough to fill four roll-offs.  Earl had been a janitor at Evergreen High School.  

Earl and Barbara (pictured right) had owned the land where The Overlook subdivision now stands and had lived in a little cabin there since 1935. Before Christ the King Church was constructed years ago, the little cabin at The Overlook had served as a place for mass to be held. 

Barbara didn't drive, so she needed help when it came to medical appointments and running errands.  The ladies of the church helped her with cleaning, and communion was taken to her weekly.  She learned to have her groceries delivered by King Soopers and, according to her friend Joy Poirot, "always included an order of 10 dozen eggs each week to donate to the Loaves and Fishes food bank in Idaho Springs."  

When Barbara died in July of 2016, Christ the King Church learned that she had named the Knights of Columbus as the beneficiary of the sale of her cabin in gratitude for all her fellow parishioners had done for her.  

On Sunday, March 12th, at a pancake breakfast the Knights of Columbus presented a check for $150,000 to Father Jim Fox to help pay down the debt incurred to expand and renovate the church about seven years ago. When the dust settles from the estate, a second payment is anticipated, which should wipe out the remaining debt.