"In the Warmth of the Shadow" book signing August 26th

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Robert Ruesch will be sharing and signing his new book, In The Warmth Of The Shadow at Where The Books Go, on August 26th from 1:00 to 4:00 pm.

Robert grew up in Estes Park at the YMCA of the Rockies where his dad was the manager.  His book takes the reader on a journey through the eyes of a child who has the privilege of growing up in a vacation world high in the Colorado Rockies in a resort setting he calls "paradise" – from pumping gas to serving watermelon for 2,000 or more, to seeing the joy of families vacationing. His opportunities to work with summer college staff from all over the country led to lifetime friendships.  

Each week of every summer differed from what he'd previously experienced, meeting new people on a weekly basis.

"Unlike most children growing up," he says, "my friendships were as varied as an artist's palette of colors which gave me a unique perspective on the values of meaningful relationships."

As the manager’s son – “Walt’s boy” – Robert had ongoing opportunities to observe and develop a life perspective living in a seasonal camp that is now a world-class resort and the largest YMCA in the world hosting family reunions, vacations and conferences.

Robert started his writing career writing with Bethany Press in 1968. Since then, along with a career at the YMCA of the Rockies, he's had articles published in emergency medical magazines; Workamper; and in several local, regional, and national newspapers on various subjects including covering Promise Keepers events. Robert is currently a Senior Chaplain with Christian Resort Ministries and lives in  Evergreen with his wife and special-needs son.  He is an ordained pastor who places chaplains in RV parks and resorts across the USA.

Where The Books Go is located at 27888 Meadow Drive in Evergreen.