Changing of the Guard at Mountain Foothills Rotary

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The Mountain Foothills Rotary held its annual Changing of the Guard ceremony at Hiwan Country Club on June 28th.  

During her year as president, Cindy Lempke noted the following club accomplishments:

  • hosted the District Conference
  • achieved 100% Paul Harris Fellow status for the club
  • formed a new alliance with Project Sanctuary with teams of volunteers assisting with retreats for military families
  • became a sponsor of Imagination Library literacy project
  • Obtained a matching grant to support the shipment of mobility devices to Pakistan in partnerships with Crutches 4 Africa, and partnered in a grant to identify individuals in need of mobility devices in Kenya
  • co-sponsored the annual Thanksgiving meal for seniors
  • exceeded its goals for Rotary giving by 100%

Several awards were presented by other Rotary Clubs:

  • Active Senior Rotarian Award presented by Boulder Rotary Club President William Meyer to Mountain Foothills Rotarian Jerry Lautigar
  • Kevin Farrell Leadership Award presented by Denver South East Rotary Club President John Wetherington and member Karen Loeb to Mountain Foothills member Jim Rohrer
  • Brush Rotary Helping Hands Award presented by Helena Schultz to Mountain Foothills Rotary in recognition of the club’s ongoing support of the EPRD Special Needs Program. Maren Schreiber and Cindy Lempke accepted the award on the club’s behalf.

Rotary District Awards

  • to P.J. Dyon for her leadership of the district's Interact program wherein high schoolers learn the principles and volunteer service of Rotary
  • to Candice Talbot -­‐ the outstanding Rotary spouse award for her support of Dave Talbot and her leadership in the Crutches 4 Africa initiative.

Special Club Awards:

  • Trent Winegar was honored for his outstanding leadership as chair of the Rotary district conference committee.
  • Jim Rohrer was recognized for exceptional service for his work on planning the district conference, and leading the visioning and goal setting for our club
  • Med Durel, Club Vice President, was named Rotarian of the Year with the following fhighlights:
    • Forged our new partnership with Project Sanctuary to help military families
    • Organized highway clean-­‐up
    • Was instrumental in researching and recommending a new literacy program – the Imagination Library to our Club
    • Again headed up operations for the annual golf tournament as he has done several times

Cindy turned the gavel over to Susanne Robert, who will serve as the seventeenth president since the evening club formed.